Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forum Perdana - KKB

assalamualaikum w.t.b
wanted to share some info from Forum Perdana "Remaja Mencari Dunia?"
i attend it on 28 February 2008, 8.00pm - 11.30 pm located in main hall MMU melaka...
my beloved expensive university..

first i did not really sure i wanted to attend it, but normally i always attend this event,
erm... when i first read the title i really thought that this forum will discuss about how teenagers only focus on real world n never bother about spiritual or we can say never bother about Allah n Islam, but let's check it out what is this forum is trully about. Sorry i used to start my blog in english but today forum is in bahasa melayu... once i talk about the forum i'll change my language ok... first an introduction about the speaker they invited Ustaz Zahazan Mohamad from UIA, Dr Azizan Ahmad from UKM, and the moderator is a lecturer from MMU that is Ustaz Najib.. Ustaz Najib is the speaker for Usrah Umum 3, that held before valentines day, one day i will upload the intipaty of that usrah... next time ok, saya elobrate ikut ayat saya..cuma isi2 dari speaker laa yea..

kita semua tahu siapa yg dimaksudkan dgn remaja.. school kid sampai laa unversity student then lebey kurang sampai 29 kot sebab 30 tu cam dah matured enough to take a roll as adult.remaja nie tend to have interest dgn jantina yg lagi satu..ini pasti sebab it is fitrah. ustaz kata remaja nie ibarat pucuk, hujung yg baru tumbuh yg tak jelas mana arah tujuan hidup dia... klu pucuk pokok cari matahari..kita manusia cari apa? kita g belajar utk siapa? kita berkerja utk apa? glamour ka? mak suh ka? sebab duit ka?

remaja perlu disedarkan dari sekarang tak kira peringkat mana umur dia...sebab dia penentu masa depan. "Jika ingin melihat generasi masa depan kamu..lihatlah wanita pada hari ini kerana mereka bakal melahirkan generasi depan... Jika ingin melihat keadaan negara kamu dimasa hadapan lihatlah org muda kamu pada hari ini kerana mereka lah bakal pemimpin"
kita leh lihat sendrik contoh golongan pemuda yg sanggup mempertahankan iman mereka kerana Allah s.w.t dalam sejarah iaitu Ashabul Khafi, Allah akan sentiasa menguji kita semua dan melihat siapak yang lebih baik amalannya..

there are few challenge yg need to be faced by this youth ada dua factor paling besar sekali:

  1. Dalaman
  • nafsu- yg sentiasa akan membuak2.. dan memberangsangkan seseorang remaja, remaja + nafsu = ghairah, tetapi ghairah ada yg +ve dan -ve, jadi tugas kita ialah menyalurkan ghairah _ve kepada ghariah +ve, seperti ghairah utk beribadat, bersedakah dan buat good deeds yg lainnyea
  • syaitan - yg takkan pernah sesaat pun lupa utk menyesatkan umat islam
  • menyimpan rasa2 kejahatan -sukar utk remaja membuang perkara2 yg tidak elok kerana perkara2 itu menyeronokkan.
2. Luaran
  • pengaruh dari budaya barat.. such as movies, the social life such as hugging, kissing and that sort of things. in this world there is only two budaya.. one is islamic n the other is no-islamic
  • remaja akan ikut sahaja apa yg dia rasa or nampak macam seronok.
  • media massa sentiasa ada, such as tv, internet, magazine and etc Not all media massa are bad there are good website that give u knowledge but there is also place that lead people make bad things
  • pengaruh rakan sebaya..besar impaknyea..kawan suppose kena laa jadi cermin yg jujur pada kawannyea yg lagi satu tu..bukan just puji walaupun its not true.. di akhir zaman people tend to trust their friends more then they do with their parents.
fahaman hendonisme = fahaman yg hanya ke arah keseronokkan..just having fun in life..
"ramai org yg boleh beri nasihat tapi tak ramai org yang boleh terima nasihat.." that is the real problem nowdays.. more people tend to talk rather than they listen.

~baru empat page dari my notes...suma ada 12 page..ngantok dah be continued yea..nie intro jek ..lepas nie masuk bab zina,bab akidah,bab peranan ngan ada beberapa petua kat sini..ochey..~ i will only continued on monday yea..sebab ada program y2y ngan KBS, takdak internet laa kat sana..~

Monday, February 25, 2008

Falling in love is a sweet feeling that can make us happy, feel appreciated and also needed. Suddenly we can be very generous, polite, hardworking and many other good deeds will appear in us. we have someone to talk to when we are sad or even mad, there's a shoulder for you to cry on, a hand to hold, someone that will always be there for you.. someone that wont let you go and promise to protect you.

"ku sangka panas sampai ke petang..rupanyea hujan di tengah hari..."
For a girl love is everything, they willing to do anything for their love one, just to make sure their love one happy even though their girlfriends sometime get mad..."can we just have a girl day out?" or "is there any one day we can hang out together without your boyfriend?" or even worse "your boyfriend is annoying..please get rid of him quickly.." but a soft hearted girl, they rather ignore their friends.. and tell themselves my friend just jealous because they don't have boyfriend.. They always loyal to their love one, they will avoid any new relationship with other guys who have intention in them.. they don't want to betray their bf. But why.. a guy never appreciate a girl? never accept us as what we are? accept that we are just a simple normal person, we have feelings, we will get jealous because we love you... we get mad because we care for you.. we always call because we scared we loose you.. A girl will fight to protect their love, it is every girl dream that their love one will be their one and only forever... wish to sleep in his arm all night, wake him up with a kiss... a dream to be a lovely wife and mother.. to have children with him... everyone will have the same thought.

Maybe its a normal thing to happen for a guy, they are easily fall for another girl, just because we couldn't be in front of his eyes all the time.. there is no girl in this world could accept that you did not love us anymore! Yes, you're saying that they just friend... but spend most of your time with that girl, your phone full with her sms and the most hurting thing is your phone full with her picture with you..adeih you still want us to believe she just friend? We will fight for your love and attention..but if you keep searching for new love, sooner or later we will give up..really give up upon you.. no matter how deep our love for you, we will give up when we don't have the strength anymore...

the love is still in the air, but it smoked by your temper, ignorance and disobey toward us.. how are we suppose to be strong? you are our source of energy, be with you make us strong.. its time for us to make a move.. we don't know what to say or what to do.. our heart been broken, our love been betrayed,
our trust being fooled by you..

What you expect us to do? some of us might gone mad, some may try to accept any guy to heel her wound, and some will remain silent and pray to Allah so that you will come back to us.. how many girls will remain silent? she is very strong and stupid.. to be loyal to someone who betray her.. who take an advantage towards her never ending love...yet we still leaving you.. we are gone

And one day, you might realize that your new love is not what you want.. you might think about us, you will realize that there is one moment in your life you been shower with love.. you never realize that before, once you loosing it... you will felt the emptiness you gave us..some of you might search for another new love, maybe it is easy for you to love and be love... but some, might come back to us.. your ex's, and you will shower us with the love words and confession, you'll say that, there's nobody ever love you as much as we do (before this you say we try to be your mum), nobody ever give you attention as much as we do..(before this you say that we did not trust you), nobody ever been patience with you as we do..(before this you say we are dumb).
Yes we did do all that for you.... we did it with all our heart, we never mad when you complain because at that time we are in love with you.. our eyes are blind, our lips are sealed, our ears are deaf... all we can see is just your,all we can talk about day and night is about you, all we can hear is your sweet voice, at that time we are fully covered with your that time..

You hurt us a lot.. you turn us to be mean.. we become like this because we are trying to protect ourselves..
we don't want to be hurt again.. we scared to find love.. we just wait, who will come to us and take us hand..
It's not that we did not love you anymore.. we can't delete you from our heart and memory.. we are human that have emotions.. we will always remember the moment we spent with you, the sweet2 places, the presents..
There is no way we can ever forget all that... the memories will be kept safely in a space of my mind...
the love is still there...we just cant bear to be with you anymore..
please accept this..
we still can be friend because yes i still and will always care for you.. because once in my are my happiness, my one and only, my love, my sweet heart.. and once in my life.. you are my everything..thank you for all the moment you share with me..
take care.. i pray that you'll find someone better who will love you more than i do..
i'm sorry for all wrong thing that i had done.

"kasih yang pernah dicurahkan akan bertaburan tanpa arah tujuan.. tanpa penerima...tanpa tuan.. walaupun hati ini kesunyian..tak sanggup untuk terus dilukai..."

what i wrote might be right and wrong.. this is only my point of thinking.. maybe differ from others... when the time come.. when the right person come.. i really hope Allah will open my heart for him so that i will love him, accept him as him..

"aku tak mudah utk mencintai..
aku tak mudah.. mengaku ku cinta..
aku tak mudah..mengatakan aku jatuh cinta...
senandungku hanya utk cinta..
tirakan ku hanya utk engkau..
tiada dusta..sumpah ku cinta..sampai ku menutup mata..
cintaku.. sampai ku menutup mata"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do we know who are the one made for us? who will love us with all his/her heart? will care for us? will always be there for us? Can this Zodiac things can be trusted? it is true or just a joke?
to be honest if we refer to this older sister is Libra, and we are like enemy since we were young..never know why..then late father, my ex boyfriend, and my ex best friend (guy), and my sweetheart tnie.. i use to be very close to them n love them a lot...i still love tnie a lot until now..then taurus is my niece kaklong, i really love her...she is very nice but due to some circumstance we now not that close..but i keep thinking about her..worry about her sometimes...of course because she is my niece and i love her..
for highest score Capricorn, I'm not sure i ever knew them..maybe its not time yet for me to meet my soul mate..
why we need love? what kind of love i still need? i already have a better relationship with my family... i have a lot of good friends but yet i still felt a slight emptiness in my heart...
some say, u just try to builds a new relationship lah. everyone know its not that easy..
to find someone to love and be love by them..adeih sometime some never even meet their true love,
maybe it's not the correct time yet.. and some already get engage or even married...
i wish to know you.. to meet you and i will love you with all my heart..
i don't even know who are you and where were you... the only thing i can say and pray...
May Allah let us meet n know each other.. and may Allah leads us to the right path...
to love and care about each other.. May all of us find our true love.. and can live happily ever after.. amin..

ungu-kekasih gelapku

Ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
Meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

Kutahu kutakkan slalu ada untukmu
Disaat engkau merindukan diriku
Kutahu kutakkan bisa memberikanmu waktu
Yang panjang dalam hidupku

Yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cintaku
Yang kucari selama ini
Dalam hidupku
Dan hanya padamu kuberikan sisa cintaku
Yang panjang dalam hidupku

Ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
Meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

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why i created a blog???

this is the third time i created a blog, hopping it wont be deleted again..
thanks to my best lovely soul mate(really hope that this friendship last forever..try to forget me...i will cekik2 u)...tnie, heheh i love her a lot. Some say that we should not write a blog, because only to Allah we should seek help to share our problems n seek for help and guidance, but as normal human @ muslims.. we prefer to something that we can hear, see, feel n touch probably..
We intend to seek for friends or motivator may be even psychologist for those who have even tougher problems. it make us more comfortable and yet i believe we will always perform prayers to Allah so that He will help us in everything we do..insya-allah
for the first try..i might not write so much..just to thank tnie and your SEV team because you guys show me the advantage and benefits of having a blog...